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St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Marco Island, Florida

The reconstruction of St. Mark's Church began with selective demolition phase of the project- removing all of the buildings doors, windows, fixtures, roof materials, a/c system equipment and ductwork, finishes, and furnishings- leaving no portion of the building untouched. After the North wall was removed, the traffic-stopping view from North Collier Blvd. was dramatic, as the entire vessel of the old Nave was open to view from the street.

Many of the salvageable materials were reused. The old pews and folding partitions were donated to other Mission Churches. Serviceable plumbing fixtures and light fixtures were reused. When it was practical, items that could not be salvaged were recycled. The additions to the Church were designed and constructed using the same materials and geometries as the original structure, the new working with the old.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church Reconstruction

Patt Karr, General Contractor
Fort Myers, Florida

Church Interiors
Tower Construction
Presentation Drawings
Exterior Photographs

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