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    A Gathering Around The Table

    The plan of the building was designed to meet the literal requirements of the written program, which seating for 300 persons, a Vesting Room, a Cry Room, and a Sacristy located near the Altar, all in a space that provided an uplifting feeling for the congregation.

    Liturgically, it was important that the seating was arranged so as to reinforce the feeling of the congregation gathered around the altar table, and many seating plans were considered. A Latin cross plan with seating in the transept areas was chosen as the best use of space within the given budget. The proposed seating plan is based on interlocking chairs, to match chairs already used in the existing provisional church, and to provide more seats that can be obtained using traditional pews in the same space.

    The new building is oriented to face directly towards a busy street intersection, for visual prominence in the community, and also to provide a relaxed and comfortable connection to the existing structure. Instead of using the expected but rigid orthagonal arrangement shown on the original master plan, the new plan uses and outdoor covered walkway to connect the two buildings. At the center of the entrance area, the Baptismal font is placed at the precise intersection of the main axis of both buildings. The font is placed in the one location where all that enter and leave the Church will be reminded of the importance of the sacrament. The entrance area is open to the sky in three places, including the area directly over the Baptismal font.

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